bearcreek_martialartsBear Creek Kung Fu Club has something for all ages (5 yrs - adults). Kung Fu classes start at six years old and up to adults. This is done so the parents can train with their children. We also offer adult Tai Chi classes for health.

Kung Fu in Chinese means time honored hard work and this is what our program is based upon. Our students learn to first respect their parents, school teachers, instructors, each other and themselves through discipline and hard work. The students learn at their own pace, because everyone learns at different rates. They work as individuals, while also learning to work in group settings. There is no monthly belt test or group testing, so no student is pressured to try to keep up at a pace that is beyond their abilities. There is no charge for promotional testing, they will have to earn their ranks. Students will learn self confidence this way. Children from 5 to 7 yrs. old will receive a separate certificate for each thing they learn. This will reinforce their learning accomplishments. There are only 5 ranks to Black Sash, with a stripe in between each rank. As students learn their material, they learn self confidence and leadership by helping other students which helps in retaining what they have learnt.

The classes are taught by Grandmaster Edgar Livingston and two assistants. Grandmaster Edgar Livingston has over 40 years experience in the Chinese Martial Arts, studying Traditional Kung Fu and the Internal Arts of Tai Chi, Pa Qua and Hsing I. Edgar holds the titles of Sigung (grandmaster), Si Jo (Head of System), Shih Fu or Sifu (Master Teacher), Professor, and Doctor in the Chinese Martial Arts. Sifu Livingston is recognized as the rank of 10th Dan in the Tai Tzu Chang Chuan by organizations in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and many other countries. Edgar has been a full contact fighter from 1978 -1986, retiring with a Gold Medal from his last fight in Taiwan. Edgar been teaching Kung Fu since 1977, working in Rec. Centers, Schools, Churches and his own schools for 12 years, believing in discipline and hard training is the key to success in the Martial Arts. Edgar has studied Chinese Medicine and has a Doctors Degree in Chinese Philosophy. Throughout his career, Edgar has been written up in many magazines, published papers, manuals on the Chinese Martial Arts and has been awards many Hall of Fame awards from around the world.  For more information contact Sifu Ed Livingston (410) 952-4211.


As students learn their material, then they learn self confidence and leadership helping other students. this also helps in retaining what they have learnt.

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